Intermodal & Specialty

DSCN7588US Logistics provides a number of specialty services including intermodal transport, high security shipments, temperature protection and contract carriage services.

Air, Rail and Sea

We work with a number of services to provide intermodal shipping. Our rail services are through direct contracting with the railroads i.e. CSX. We offer intermodal services coast to coast. It is a great option when shipping in-house and restocking your warehouses.

High Security

We heavily screen all drivers and warehouse personnel. We also provide real-time Qualcomm monitoring of trucks, trailers and shipments. Position information is reported in real-time and secure route designations are used.

Temperature Protect

We offer refrigerated and heated trailers to maintain consistent temperature controls in both Winter and Summer. Real-time temperature reports are relayed back to our dispatch teams and alarms are raised in the event of a systems failure.

Contract Carriage

We have seen a resurgence in contract carriage services recently. This service allows you to reserve a dedicated pool of USL resources (drivers and trucks) specifically for the shipping needs of your business.