Pallet Rate Calculations

pallet ratesOur standard LTL rates are based on class FAK 50 freight, for all pallets rates.

Standard liability is 1.25 per pound up to $100,000 dollars maximum value per shipment. TL shipments limited to 100,000.00 dollars based on manufactured cost, not retail value. All freight bills must be paid in full for claims to be paid to the beneficial owner of the freight, shipping cost can be added to the claim value.

If you require additional coverage you will need to use a valuation of the shipment since we have a standard class of FAK 50, to rate your LTL shipments. The additional cost for increased value coverage on each shipment will be billed at a rate of  .0075 (3/4 of 1 percent) of the total shipment VALUE (must be declared on BOL) this charge will be billed as an accessorial charge along with any other accessorial charge such as hazmat fee, fuel, Etc…

Maximum coverage for valuation purchase is limited to $500,000 dollars! Any valuation over 100,000 will need to be brought to our attention prior to shipping to confirm the additional coverage is validated.

LTL Pallet Pricing Rules / tariff (floor loads, and any other shipment not on a pallet will be spot priced)

  • Pallet rates define as pricing per pallet size maximum (48”L x 48W”) and a weight maximum (identified on each pricing agreement).
  • Stackable freight: must be packaged to support 2x the weight per pallet and will not exceed the maximum allowable weight per pallet spot, indicated on the pricing agreement.
  • Minimum LTL pallet pricing will be indicated within the agreement, through pallet spots & weight rates listed herein.
  • Maximum LTL pallet/Spot/Weight pricing will be indicated by the columns and weight break maximums within the agreement.
  • Pallet pricing linear foot of a trailer front to back maximum will be 2’ per pallet. (Example: 1 pallet 48L”x48W” will occupy 4’ of one side in a trailer, therefore 2 pallets side by side will occupy a width of 96” and a linear foot measurement of 48” front to back in the trailer.)
  • Oversize pallets will be priced as multiple pallets, based on the linear foot and or weight break limits. (Example: a pallet sixe 60Lx60W not exceeding the single pallet weight maximum will be charged as “3” pallets, since the linear foot maximum was exceeded by more than 2’ extending into the third pallet position), the same would be true if only the weight was exceeded for one pallet/spot. (Example: maximum weight per pallet spot of 2,000LBS with a shipment that weighs 2200LBS on one pallet 48’x48” would be charged as two pallet/spots).
  • All shipments are prepaid under this agreement, with the shippers location/s indicated within the agreement. Collect and third party shipments are not part of this rate agreement.
    Shipments exceeding the maximum number of pallets/weight/or linear feet in this agreement will be exempt from this pricing agreement.
  • Shipments moving beyond the U.S. 48 states are not part of the pricing agreement.
    LTL shipments shipping not under these rules, must have a spot quote provided and the quote number must be listed on the BOL by the shipper for the spot quote pricing to be valid. Spot quote must state value of shipment if in excess of 1.25 per LB.
  • All shipments will be subject to applicable (FSC) Fuel Surcharges, based on the DOE national diesel fuel average at the time of shipping, (not the time of quoting or placing the order). Fuel adjustments occur weekly (Tuesday’s), and the FSC agreement will be an appendix to this agreement.
  • This pricing agreement shall include shipments valuations not to exceed 1.25 per pound. Shipments requiring additional valuation coverage, will require prior notice and additional accessorial fees/costs either by appendix to this agreement or specific written/email notice of the request for additional valuation needs. Additional fees will be made as an appendix to this agreement or on a spot quote basis as needed.