U.S. Logistics made its first delivery on December 1, 2002 the mission was exactly the same as it is today: to meet or exceed the requirements of every customer – every time.

Our commitment to customer service is the driving force behind our company. Our team strives to be effective while being efficient and pass the benefits of these efficiencies alone to our customers. We know our personnel are key to reaching our goals. We have built a professional team of drivers, dispatchers, customer service associates, and Third Party Logistics Specialist, all dedicated to provide the best possible service to you and your customers.

The transportation market is highly competitive. We know you have options, and truly appreciate your consideration of U.S. Logistics for your transportation needs. In addition to our assets we offer shipping solutions from national, international and regional partner carriers. Our partnerships allow us to provide options on all modes of transportation, making U.S. Logistics your one stop for:

  • LTL

At U.S. Logistics we believe everything we do should benefit you, the customer.